B2B E-commerce Module

B2B e-commerce more and more looks like B2C. Your corporate customers are also B2C shoppers when they are not at work. So more and more they tend to demand all those fancy B2C functionalities during work hours as well. And more. Because indeed you need a few specific things when it comes to B2B, we've added all of those in a module.  

Customer specific pricing

This is where Dynamics NAV is pretty strong. NAV allows you to work with different sales prices, customer discount groups, discounts on all levels, including campaign discounts, and so on. We synchronize all this, to make sure that every customer sees his or her own specific prices and discounts after logging in. 

Order and invoice history 

Another important feature for business customers is to have full details on all order and invoice history. The NAVcommerce B2B module synchronizes all historical data, and this helps you to get rid off many time consuming phone calls and requests. Within this section you can also offer your customers quick re-order possibilities. 

Multiple logins

In corporate setups you might need more than just one login per customer account. NAVcommerce supports the use of the CMINDS multi-account extension which allows you to hand out logins per NAV contact. So this gives you multiple accounts under one main company account. 

Custom B2B functionality

Do you use or develop a specific B2B add-on which you want to work together with our e-commerce system? Click here to read all about the possibilities to get that up and running. 


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