Not just a connector

NAVcommerce is e-commerce for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We don't focus on anything else. No AX, GP, SAP, or whatever, just NAV! At least on the ERP side. On the other side it is much more than what most of the competing products have to offer. Its not just a Magento connector. Instead it comes with a complete integration platform. And that is just one of the many things that make NAVcommerce a different product than others.

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Redesigned from the ground up

NAVcommerce builds on many years of experience in integrating NAV and e-commerce systems. But on the other hand, it's brand new. Over the last year we have taken the time to redesign all components from the ground up. While doing so we had a very important list of keywords drawn on the wall with permanent markers: 

  • Plug & Play 
  • Cloud first
  • No complex implementation projects
  • Affordable and full featured at the same time 
  • Free to try
  • Multi channel
  • Works with Magento 
  • Easy integration with everything the web has to offer

Those are all the things that previous versions did not have. The result? What once used to be heavy, expensive, complex software, is now light, easy to install and much more powerful than before. 

Read about Integration as a Service to see how we did it. 

We are idyn

NAVcommerce has been developed with and is distributed by idyn, a global ISV with a proven track record. Almost every NAV developer knows products like Object Manager Advanced and Document Creator. With over 400 NAV partners worldwide and millions of end users, idyn is heavily embedded in the NAV-world. 

More information on idyn can be found at 

NAVcommerce is also designed to seamlessly work together with other products like ShipIT, Document Output and ConnectIT. 


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