We are developers

So yes, we've thought about other developers too. As most companies are not completely standard we sure think that you should be able to extend things. Yes, at first we usually try to explain that in most cases it might be worth to investigate a bit longer on whether you really cannot work with the standard solution. But that is coming from our drive for efficiency. If you want to start modifying the system, don't worry, there are lots of options. 


Nope, you cannot alter the base code. To prevent everyone from ending up with those systems which can never be upgraded because they are simply loaded with custom code, we force you to work with events. In NAV 2016 eventing is part of the standard software and it enables you to hookup to most events that occur within the system. But long before NAV 2016 we already developed a similar event-driven system of our own. So also in NAV 2015 we give you a big list of events to work with. 

Custom codeunits

What's not possible with eventing can be accomplished with custom codeunits. If you add the SDK module to your stack we give you the ability to write your own codeunits for handling orders and customers. 

Development training

Of course the SDK comes with a manual. But be assured that if you need some training, we are more than happy to assist. Send us an email and we get back to you to schedule either an online or on-site training session. 

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