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Logistics becomes a more and more important topic when growing your online business. Whether it's your customers who demand more options on when and how to get products shipped. Or it's simply that sales are increasing and so is your shipping volume. In all cases you need better data and better software to live up to your customer's demands and to get a grip on shipping costs at the same time. This is where our friends from Transsmart will step in. Together with them we have developed a set of components and services which can streamline your processes and add value at every step in your chain of logistics. Best of all, usually starting to work with Transsmart means saving on shipping costs and handling. So if you have a substantial amount of shipments there aren't many reasons not to read on. 


At the core of Transsmart's business there is a service which integrates all logistics data between your systems, the logistics providers and your clients. And that service is quite clever. What does this mean? This means that if you hookup your Dynamics NAV with the Transsmart services, there is no more separate system to logon to for booking shipments and printing labels. All shipment status notifications are updated automatically. No more guessing on which carrier/contract to use for which shipment. Transsmart automatically helps you to make the best possible choices. The only thing you have to do, directly from within NAV is press 'Ship it!'. 

Transsmart & NAVcommerce

Because Transsmart has so much data on all logistic providers, they cannot only automatically select the best carrier for you shipments, that data can also be used in your e-commerce front-ends. If you want to offer your customers detailed shipping options, depending on weight and location, this is the way to go. Also when offering pickup points, Transsmart knows about every location for every provider. So offering your customers to select pickup points on the route on their way home, between 2000 and 2200, on a Tuesday evening, has never been easier. 

When installing both NAVcommerce and ShipIT, the following features will be enabled:

  • Offer carriers and shipping rates based on delivery address, dimensions and weight. 
  • Offer pickup point selector. Including postal code /area selection and opening hours. 
  • Automatic shipment status updates in customer 'my account' sections. Including track & trace info.
  • Automatic shipment status updates via email and text notifications. Including track & trace info.


ShipIT is the add-on which glues NAV and Transsmart together. So in order to make use of the Transsmart services in a fully integrated way, your best option is to install ShipIT. 

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