NAVcommerce fully supports Magento 2.0

Another major milestone for our development team; Full Magento 2 support. Our data integration platform, which connects your Dynamics NAV with Magento 2 was already updated a couple of months ago, but by now all our B2B extensions are also Magento 2 compatible. This includes full support for NAV customer specific pricing and discounts (B2B pricing). This means that both B2C and B2B customers can now simply switch from using Magento 1 to Magento 2. Just connect your new site, and all features will work, just as they did before within your Magento 1 shop. Switching between Magento versions was never this easy!

Magento 1 of course is still supported. So there is no need for existing customers to worry about support. But, at the same time there is no need to worry about upgrading as well. We strongly advise all new customers to start their implementations on Magento 2. But if there are reasons to still start with version 1, no problem, we will support this version as long as Magento does. Effectively that is until November 2018. 

We also added a few new features to the Magento 2 version of NAVcommerce. The most important one is grouped products. Grouped products can now be created multiple ways. Before we only had the possibility to created grouped products from NAV items (as the main product) and NAV item variants (as the sub products under that main product). With the new version you can use NAV item variants, but also NAV items within grouped products. And, to setup some more complex configurations, this also allows you to created grouped items that consist of configurable items. 

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