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As with every new NAV release, we are committed to make sure that our software is compatible with that new NAV version as soon as possible. 

Another major milestone for our development team; Full Magento 2 support. Our data integration platform, which connects your Dynamics NAV with Magento 2 was already updated a couple of months ago, but by now all our B2B extensions are also Magento 2 compatible. This includes full support for NAV customer specific pricing and discounts (B2B pricing). This means that both B2C and ...

Integration can be done different ways. In the old days, when we didn't have all those easy to use cloud platforms, usually systems would be connected directly, in a one-on-one setup. In other words, a programmer would just plug your Magento directly into your NAV system. Today this set-up may sound a bit scary if you think about security and scalability, but you'll be surprise ...

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