Partnership with Spotler (MailPlus)

To provide our dutch customers a better option to work with a local partner for email marketing campaigns we decided to team up with Spotler (formerly known as MailPlus). 

Until now the only mail campaign integration we had was MailChimp, but we see that more and more customers want to take email marketing to a higher level, and to accomplish this they need a partner. Preferably a local partner who can assist with strategy, improving email template design, better statistics and training. For the dutch and belgium market we found that Spotler has what most companies need. With direct support (phone, no tickets), a training center, knowledge base and many year of experience, we think that Spotler is an interesting option for many of our dutch and belgian customers. 

Besides all this Spotler has a highly skilled technical team and a well designed API, which in turn makes our technicians very happy. The main development project for the integration between NAVcommerce and Spotler will be finished end of Q1 2018. 

For more information please contact or your Spotler account manager. 

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