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To better understand this topic, please read our integration as a service page. Integration as a service means that we take out that heavy integration component from your local systems. Instead, we run it as a cloud service on our Microsoft Azure hosted platform. Besides that this just sounds really cool, it also brings a ton of new possibilities for all of us.  

Integrate 5 or 12 or 117 shops at once

Perhaps you want to setup more than one shop? You might want to setup B2B and a few B2C shops? Or a whole bunch of product specific shops? With our integration platform you can do just that. 

Integrate your CRM software

Not only adding new customers to your NAV system, but also to your Dynamics CRM or SalesForce, so that you can directly add them to your marketing campaigns? This is just one of the many new features our integration hub has to offer. 


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