No code merge

While working in the Dynamics NAV business for a long time, we've learned a lot about one specific topic. Code merging. When installing a new add-on and even more when updating to a newer version. The more you start to intertwine base code, add-on code and custom code, the bigger your future problem becomes. Simply because you have to look at every single line of code again, know what it does and think about whether it should stay and whether it will work in your new version. Technical debt is what we call that. You were able to make a change fairly quickly. Everyone was happy but you have to pay for it later. We hate that. So we developed our software in a way that it does not touch any standard NAV object. 

Just a few minutes

We were always really amazed by hearing about this merging phenomenon and by the time we were the ones to define how things should work, the first thing we wrote on the board was "No Merging!". So with that in mind we started redeveloping things. No merging, custom code in its own space, throwing and hooking up to events (even before NAV 2016), all things necessary to build plug & play software. The result? We challenge everyone to install our add-on. If it takes more than just a few minutes, we'd really like to hear about how the @#$% you were not able to get it done. 

Heard it all before?

Are you thinking this sounds all too familiar? You've heard it a million times before but when the time comes to implementing, things unravel quickly? We hear you! That's our experience as well. Many solutions promise quick and painless installations but fail to deliver. That's why we're inviting you to try our software for free. No strings attached! Just request your free trial package and you'll be up and running in no time. If you know how to import a FOB file or install an extension, you can implement NAVcommerce. And if not, we'll be glad to help you get started.

Easy upgrading

NAVcommerce checks for new releases with added functionality and informs you about the possibility to update. Our updates are, of course, also very easy to install. Just use the application update button and NAVcommerce will automatically download the latest version. Because of our extensive customization (SDK) possibilities, any custom code you create is written outside of our standard codebase. That's why installing updates is also just as easy as importing a FOB file.

No expensive consultants needed

We would be very happy to come over and join you for a good cup of coffee. But really, in most cases you don't need us to implement NAVcommerce for you. You don't even need to have any experience with the NAV development environment. Everything you need to know is explained in our short installation guides and videos. 

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