The PIM System

The PIM System is one of the main features of NAVcommerce. As PIM stands for Product Information Management, this component adds all the product data functionality that is missing in standard NAV & Business Central. So where in the default application you are limited to a few 50 char text boxes, the PIM adds .. everything. Everything you need to properly sell your products online. You can add names, descriptions, rich texts, search engine titles, descriptions, keywords, categories, images, videos and very important, item attributes. And of course all this is done without modifying your standard NAV or Business Central system. 

Drag & Drop

Drag & drop? Right, everywhere where possible, you can simply drag and drop images and documents on to your NAV/BC item card. And also category management is done via an intuitive category tree component where you can just drag around and add new sub categories. Check out the data management video if you want to see more about this. 

Item attributes

Item attributes is one of those things we are really proud of. It is the key element to really bring your products to life. Whether you sell bananas, wooden tables, bicycles, smartphones or complex industrial equipment. After you have defined a few proper sets of item attributes, you can really start publishing item detail pages that make sense. Item attributes are those lists that tell your customers exactly what they are looking at and what they are ordering. But item attributes can also be used to present those customers the right search filters so that they can quickly find the right product.

But I do want to work in Magento

Of course doing everything in NAV / Business Central is our primary vision on ERP e-commerce. But no, we haven't made it impossible to still use the Magento back-end. So if you still want to do parts of your work in the Magento back-end, feel free to do so. 

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