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NAVcommerce comes as a standard product. Although, this doesn't mean that there is no room for customizations. In fact, as a customer or partner you can customize lots of things already through configuration. And of course there is the NAV eventing mechanism and the NAVcommerce software development kit (SDK). But, if you're looking at extending the whole product to make it work your add-on or vertical solution, we would like to get in touch with you. This way we can discuss the specific needs for your business and industry, and that helps to give you the best possible advise on how we can make NAVcommerce work best for your customers. 

We have already done similar projects for several partners, and from these experiences we can tell that it is usually not that difficult to create industry specific versions of NAVcommerce. By doing this together, with a focus on keeping the core product as it is, we can create a version which has very specific features, but is as flexible and easy to upgrade as the base version. 

Since the introduction of our GDF module (Generic Data Framework) the possibilities for customized versions of NAVcommerce are virtually unlimited. The Generic Data Framework allows you to publish every possible NAV table and to use that data anywhere within the web portal or online shop. Just select the tables and fields you want to use on the web, and we will make them available for the front-end developers. Of course without giving them direct access to your NAV. All is done via our secure, high performance Azure hosted data integration platform. Just think about how this can work for your add-on or vertical. 

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If you are a NAV partner or ISV who develops solutions for NAV and you see an interesting business case in extending our software to work together with yours, we'd very much like to hear about that. Just drop us a line or give us a call


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