In control of your e-commerce

If you are a business owner who wants to improve or start with e-commerce, you have quite a task in front of you. The web is that big, and has that many things to offer, that you might get a bit overwhelmed after a few days of reading. And the days of just starting a simple online shop are kind of over.. If you want to run a good project, there is quite a lot to think about. As said, e-commerce contains loads of possibilities to deliver extra services, gain on your competitors and optimize processes at the same time. With many of these things we cannot help you that much. We aren't a marketing company and we don't exactly develop e-commerce strategies. But what we can do is take away all the worries related to data. By using our tools, you and your marketing or web agency are free to setup whatever online strategy you want. Without ever having to worry about having the right and up to date data at hand. 

NAVcommerce in a few bullets:

  • One data source - Your NAV ERP system
  • Just keep working with the NAV system, nothing new to learn
  • Don't worry about data - All data is securely processed via our real-time integration services
  • Fast implementation - The NAV part can be up and running in minutes 
  • Full digital communication - Through email or SMS your customers can keep track of all status updates
  • Work with your own web agency - We just supply everything both of you need to smoothly work together
  • Don't have a web agency? Don't worry, we can hook you up with one or we can simply take care of everything for you


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