Fire up your e-commerce

NAVcommerce is a pretty comprehensive product and platform. It has everything you need today, but its also prepared for future expansion of your online strategies. This means that there is quite a lot to read, but you'd best start with the topics below. 

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Product information mgt

NAV is made for a lot of things, but not really for e-commerce. If you were wondering, where do I add images, rich texts, categories and item attributes? That is all within the PIM.

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Real-time integration

Forget about importing data. Be assured that with our software, all your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data is integrated in real-time! 

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B2B & B2C

Most of our competitors claim that B2B is much more difficult. We tend to think differently. Just see for yourself!

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Check out the videos

More into watching videos rather than reading? Soon we will finish and upload a set of short videos on NAVcommerce. Installing, setting up stores, managing data, all will be explained in under 120 seconds. 

A personal demo?

If you rather have a personal demo where you can ask questions and look at the product at the same time, just send us an email or give us a call and we will arrange an online demo session as soon as possible. 

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