One of the key features of our PIM is the item attribute system. The use of item attributes can make or break your online shop. If you don't use them, your customer must know your products very well, otherwise they cannot find anything. And if you do have them but don't use them correctly, you still don't get much results. 


When demonstrating then PIM capabilities of our software we quite often hear people saying things like 'So, I get a complete PIM when I start working with your solution. Why are there other companies that develop just a PIM and sell their solution for a price much and much higher than yours?'  By other companies they usually mean Perfion or Allium. And why these comments usual ...


Notifications can be used to notify your customers about account or order status changes. And you can use them to inform customers about shipments and invoices. But did you know that you can also automatically attach all NAV documents that belong to the context of your notification? Just select the NAV report you want to attach to your order, shipment or invoice email, and the ...

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